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Accepted At American Podiatric Medical Association
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Comfort Arch Support Center
907 State Street, Santa Barbara

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Customer Testing Custom Fitted Arch Supports
Do Your Feet, Knee, Back,
& Hurt?

A Step-N-Out Instant Shoe Repair, we know what it takes to find the solution to your problems from the bio-mechanical standpoint.

We have the tools to offer a solution for any pain related to feet, knee, and back. Your feet are the base and one of the most important parts of your body.

At Step-N-Out Instant Shoe Repair, we are familiar dealing with issues such as hammer toes, bunions, heel spur, and plantar fasciiti.

We have just the perfect answer for all of these problems. We provide to you a personalize service at an affordable price. We will appreciate the opportunity to serve you in Santa Barbara, CA.

Feel free to call us at (805) 966-2299.


Heel Spur Pain?
Bunion, Neuroma?
Plantar Fasciitis?


The Foot Is The Foundation Of The Body.
The Arch Is The Core Of The Foot.

Free Balance Test 
Accepted American Podiatric Medical Association
A Balance Test Is Performed For Your
  Custom Fitted Arch Supports

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